There is a cove by the bay Where all the mermaids go to play They splash and swim Play games and sing While dolphins leap in the air They dive for shells and lay in the sun They sing the names of everyone: Olalla, Celestra, Bidella, Christella, Joletta, Jonetta, and Elestra They slide down the smooth rocks with playful seals Giggling and making delightful squeals Make necklaces of Coral and Pearls Comb their hair and groom their tails Then go  [ Read More ]

“Grandma’s Magic Peaches” is the first book in the series: “Weekends With Danny” available on Amazon kindle. This is a series of short story books suitable for children who are preschool to kindergarten age. Easily read in one sitting, these heart warming stories follow Danny as he learns about family and life through a series of adventures and experiences. These little books are ideal for nap time or bedtime stories.

Some of Totsie’s  recommended kids books: Preschool to kindergarten category:   “The Velveteen Rabbit”, by Margery Williams Bianco, “Gingerbread Baby” ,  by Jan Brett, “Wings on Things” , by Marc Brown, “Goodnight Moon”, by Margaret Wise Brown “The Mother’s Day Mice”, by Eve Bunting, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, by Eric Carle, “The Prickly Hedgehog”, by Mark Ezra, “Feathers Like a Rainbow”, by Flora, “The Poky Little Puppy,” by Janette S. Lowrey, “Cars! Cars! Cars!”, by Grace Maccarone, “Brown Bear, Brown  [ Read More ]

This is a website for children and parents. The focus is on reading for kids.  You will find information about reading, a recommended list of books for preschool, as well as free poems for kids, rhymes and childrens stories here. You will find featured books and links to each one. There will soon be coloring pages that go with the site and books to download for free. Featured online books for children will have links. The first book in the  [ Read More ]