I will sail my boat on swift waters I will journey over the sea I will find strange lands and great treasure Adventure in my book waits for me I will fight the good fight with pirates I will climb mountains far away I will find the way through the jungles and start a new adventure every day I will time travel through the world In the age of giant dinosaurs I will blast off into outer space and land  [ Read More ]

Every time I take a step There is something down below Like squiggly worms and lots of roots that help the plants to grow I may not see them as I go but pictures in my book have lots of different things to show though under the ground, I cannot look Every time I take a step I imagine what is below Like worms and stones and and roots and things that I have come to know   Thinking of  [ Read More ]

The Tooth Bank I’m wondering what the tooth fairy is paying these days her bag of cash interests me in so many ways I’m making a list of my soon to be new toys I hope she pays equally for girls and boys With this mouth full of teeth I should make quite a haul Sooner or later each one will take a fall My daddy says a wiggle is not enough today only a full outing will count for  [ Read More ]

There is a cove by the bay Where all the mermaids go to play They splash and swim Play games and sing While dolphins leap in the air They dive for shells and lay in the sun They sing the names of everyone: Olalla, Celestra, Bidella, Christella, Joletta, Jonetta, and Elestra They slide down the smooth rocks with playful seals Giggling and making delightful squeals Make necklaces of Coral and Pearls Comb their hair and groom their tails Then go  [ Read More ]