My Busy Feet

Posted by admin On May - 26 - 2013 2 Comments
love to jump in puddles

love to jump in puddles

My Busy Feet

My feet love to travel and play
They love to move everyday

They find a reason
with every season

In the summer they like to wade
Until the sun begins to fade

In the fall they love to kick the leaf pile
Playing soldier all the while

In the spring the puddles are there to splash
They jump in them all, fast as a flash

Frozen puddles crackle under my feet
when winter brings this icy treat

My feet love to travel and play
Sometimes they  want to run all day.


  1. Teressa says:

    So sweet! Happy feet!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, I was remembering when I was a child, how I loved to jump and kick and run. I especially loved the frozen puddles and would jump in every one on the way to school. Thank goodness for galoshes, lol

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