List of more free Poems for Kids by PJ

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The Tooth Bank

I’m wondering what the tooth fairy
is paying these days
her bag of cash interests me
in so many ways
I’m making a list of my
soon to be new toys
I hope she pays equally
for girls and boys
With this mouth full of teeth
I should make quite a haul
Sooner or later each one
will take a fall
My daddy says a wiggle
is not enough today
only a full outing will
count for a pay
I’ll shove and push to help
it along, singing ouch, ouch
ouch as my moving song
I will soon count the treasure
under my pillow with glee
when I finally trade a tooth
for some fairy cash bounty

Sock Monsters?

A favorite sock of mine went missing
and I wondered where it went
I think I saw it last when
Playing in my tent
My mom says socks will run away
never to be found
so there must be a sock land
where singles hang around
I guess it doesn’t matter
since my colors never match
but I wonder if there’s a
sock monster who says, yummy
sock going down the hatch.
I looked and looked, but soon
was tired and all my interest
was gone. I think I must accept
my favorite sock has moved on

M&M Tea

My little sister wanted a tea party
which seemed pretty dumb to me
then I learned she had some
chocolates and was making m&m tea.
I joined her dolls and Teddy bear
for the treats she set around
but whenever she turned her
back to get more, no treats on plates
could be found.
Now her lower lip began to jut out
and a pout clouded her face, but
I warned her the bear was a glutton
and told her,”just look at that fuzzy face.”
She crossed her arms and stomped her foot
and I thought that I was done for, but
she grabbed up the bear and took him out
of the room so I ate even more.
She returned determined with cookies in
her hand, but when she saw the empty platter
I made my excuses and ran.

The Dove’s Coo

The dove outside my window sings a coo, coo, coo.
He’s calling for his lost love and doesn’t know
what to do. It seems so sad to listen to hear his
mournful song. I hope his lady love is soon to come along.
Oh swifly fly sweet lady bird and join him in his call
so you can be a family and sing coo, coo to all.

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