This book is free to Amazon Prime Members and Unlimited members This is a fun picture book game for pre-schoolers to kindergarten. Parents and children can look at pictures of frogs and guess whether the frog on the page is doing something that is or isn’t real for a frog. If what the frog is doing isn’t real, the big green frog says Whaa..t? The idea is for the children to see if they get the right answer  [ Read More ]

I saw a squirrel run up a tree Another one ran after They chased each other round and round Their chatter sounded like laughter Higher and higher I watched them go from branch to branch to and fro They had no fear as they leaped through the air, like circus performers far up there I wondered at their happy play, free to climb and chase all day. It doesn’t seem they have a care chattering at each other there. How  [ Read More ]

My Busy Feet My feet love to travel and play They love to move everyday They find a reason with every season In the summer they like to wade Until the sun begins to fade In the fall they love to kick the leaf pile Playing soldier all the while In the spring the puddles are there to splash They jump in them all, fast as a flash Frozen puddles crackle under my feet when winter brings this icy treat  [ Read More ]

Sometimes I watch the birds gliding through the sky and I start to wish that I could fly I could look down on the world and see all the things that grow much bigger than me I wonder how it looks to be in the clouds I wonder what it looks like at the top of a tree How very wonderful it must be to dive and soar then twirl about and glide some more I could look down on  [ Read More ]

Dreaming by the Fire

  I sit beside the fire and dream Each flame is  a creature dancing The sparks that fly are stars just born The wood cracks, new world’s opening Pow a spark flies like a shot! as I was shortly glancing The dancers leap and bow with glee Each change is more enhancing A spitting, popping, crackling choir With whooooo its chorus call and  whispers up the chimney rush as glowing cinders fall Mountains and valleys form in the ash with rivers  [ Read More ]

A Sandcastle Day at the Beach I love to go to the beach where I find lots of ways to play I look out to the sea and dream near the billowing waves all day The pelicons come in a line I laugh as they  dip and fly The tiny seabirds make a dark swirl as they  soar into the sky I take my bucket and shovel to dig into the sand I build a sandcastle with towers shaping them  [ Read More ]


I will sail my boat on swift waters I will journey over the sea I will find strange lands and great treasure Adventure in my book waits for me I will fight the good fight with pirates I will climb mountains far away I will find the way through the jungles and start a new adventure every day I will time travel through the world In the age of giant dinosaurs I will blast off into outer space and land  [ Read More ]

Every time I take a step There is something down below Like squiggly worms and lots of roots that help the plants to grow I may not see them as I go but pictures in my book have lots of different things to show though under the ground, I cannot look Every time I take a step I imagine what is below Like worms and stones and and roots and things that I have come to know   Thinking of  [ Read More ]

A frog can be an interesting guest if you invite him to your table He’ll dress in his shiny spotted green coat,    the best that he is able And if you serve him skeeters You will see his long red tongue He will lap those flying critters from the air in front of everyone And if you invite him to your pond for an after dinner soak He will probably dive right into it, and give you a thank you  [ Read More ]

The Tooth Bank I’m wondering what the tooth fairy is paying these days her bag of cash interests me in so many ways I’m making a list of my soon to be new toys I hope she pays equally for girls and boys With this mouth full of teeth I should make quite a haul Sooner or later each one will take a fall My daddy says a wiggle is not enough today only a full outing will count for  [ Read More ]