Dreaming by the Fire

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Dreaming by the Fire

Dreaming by the Fire


I sit beside the fire and dream

Each flame is  a creature dancing

The sparks that fly are stars just born

The wood cracks, new world’s opening

Pow a spark flies like a shot!

as I was shortly glancing

The dancers leap and bow with glee

Each change is more enhancing

A spitting, popping, crackling choir

With whooooo its chorus call

and  whispers up the chimney rush

as glowing cinders fall

Mountains and valleys form in the ash

with rivers of gold entwined

Glowing ruby’s peer from beneath,

treasure for one and all

I watch the scene as it plays out

flames and cinders all about, then

The dancers quietly take their leave

their roles now redefined

by burned out monster hulks in black

and the ashes left behind

The night is late, the fire’s gone cold

dreams are spent and tales are told

so I retreat to my comfortable bed

with fiery visions in my head.



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