Adventures in Reading

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I will sail my boat on swift waters
I will journey over the sea
I will find strange lands
and great treasure
Adventure in my book waits for me

I will fight the good fight with pirates
I will climb mountains far away
I will find the way through the jungles
and start a new adventure every day

I will time travel through the world
In the age of giant dinosaurs
I will blast off into outer space and
land my starship somewhere on planet mars


I will meet the pharoahs who built the pyramids and Sinbad who sailed the seven seas.

I will bear the heat of the desert, venture to the North Pole and try not to freeze.

I will follow Marco Polo along the wondrous Silk Road
roam the river with Huckle Berry Finn
take a wild ride with the infamous Mr. Toad
bookmark my place then start again

Oh what fun to sail around the world in a balloon
dive a submarine deep into the sea, walk with astronauts on the moon,
find lost worlds in the darkest parts of Africa
Adventure in my book waits for me

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