A Sandcastle Day at the Beach

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Building Sandcastles

A Sandcastle at the Beach

A Sandcastle Day at the Beach

I love to go to the beach
where I find lots of ways to play
I look out to the sea and dream
near the billowing waves all day

The pelicons come in a line
I laugh as they  dip and fly
The tiny seabirds make a dark swirl
as they  soar into the sky

I take my bucket and shovel to
dig into the sand
I build a sandcastle with towers
shaping them with my hand

I add some windows and balconies
with seaweed flags that wave
in the breeze then build hills
on each side using sticks for trees

I tunnel all around
to make the castle moat
I fill it up with Water
then find a tiny mussel shell
I can use as a boat

I decorate the towers
with pebbles
along each ridge
and across the little moat
I place a driftwood bridge

I sit back on my heels to
admire my creation
Seeing the work of my hands
Is such a sweet sensation

As the sun gets lower in the sky
I hear my mother’s call
I look at my castle and say
goodbye knowing the sea
will soon take it all

I love to go to the beach
to play, watch the sunset
colors at the end of the day
see the last rays of the sun
light my castle towers
where I have dreamed for
many hours.

I watch the skies rose and gold colors
reflecting in the rolling sea
I pick up my things,
give my castle a last look
then walk away happily

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