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Pat and Totsie

Author with her Yorkie

From the author P.J. Rogers:

As a young child, I was blessed with a mother who read to me every night.
My favorite books were: "The Children's Bluebird" and the stories from
"The Arabian Nights". They provided a rich tapestry of adventure for what was to come.
By the time I was 10, the library was my favorite place to hang out.It still is.
My stories are often directly inspired by children, a pet, or an experience in my life.
My work has been published for over twenty years in magazines and newspapers,but I only recently began publishing my books.
I love my initials PJ because it makes me think of pajamas, which if you found me writing
you may well find me wearing. Writing is my passion. I love sharing what I write. When I write I am rewarded with the joy of letting a tale take me off to another world. My hope is that you enjoy reading and sharing my work. I have more books that will soon be available on Amazon.In the meantime I write lots of little rhymes that I publish on this site for people to read with their children.If you enjoy them, please share this site with others.
The green eyed, "alien looking" dog in the photo with me is my sidekick,Totsie. Totsie will be sharing her reviews and recommendations on this site, because as everyone knows a dog's point of view can be trusted by kids.


From Fran Tollett, Amazon author

"What a lovely book!  I hope you are planning on putting it out in a printed format.  You are so descriptive that we could see your word pictures.  :-D  The stories would be even lovelier with the right illustrations.   I think you have discovered and using your gift to enrich the world of children and those who love them.  You might think I am gushing but I really do think all of these things.  I wrote a review for Amazon and it is already live."


The series "Weekends With Danny" is six short stories about four and a half year old Danny's experiences and adventures on weekends. Once all six are published on Amazon Kindle they will be available as a package in print as well. The final books will all be illustrated. Some of the black and white illustrations will be available as coloring pages on this site that can be downloaded for free.

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July 2012


  1. krista farmer says:

    i would love to recieve ur books to read to my kids i read to them every night and am constantly looking for new stuff to read to them..tey r going on 4 and goin on 6…..my daughter is the oldest my son the youngest..so far we have went thru the little house series,chronicles of narnia and anne of green gables series…they love bein read to and would love to get new material for them…thank u

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